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WTP 2010-01-07

WTP Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Konstantin Y
Keith Y
Nitin Y
Chuck Y
Kaloyan Y
Neil Y
David Y
Carl Y
Chris Y
Valentin Y
Nick Y
Gabriel Y
Rob Y
Ian Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Remember, any committer can add an agenda item. Typically, short announcements or news items go in the "Announcements" section at the beginning. Longer items or issues requiring discussion should go in the "Other business" section at end.

Announcements And Special Reports

WTP Calendar

(Weekly Google Calendar updated through June, 2010)

For Galileo and Helios overall dates, see a Simultaneous Release Calendar

Quality Focus Items (Neil)

  • Focus Item:
  • Mark invalid patches as obsolete
  • Target bugs to a release or "future" if not a current release

WTP 3.1.x


See also the Galileo ramp down dates

WTP 3.1.2 - Helios SR2

01/08 M Build
01/15 M Build for SR2 RC1
01/29 M Build for SR2 RC2 (PMC Review starts following this build)
02/05 M Build for SR2 RC3 Can this be our final build?
02/12 R Build Final Build
(02/26 Galileo SR2) (WTP 3.1.2) (fourth Friday of February)

Galileo Maintenance Plan

See WTP_3.1.x_Maintenance for documentation of scope of maintenance and approvals required.

WTP 3.2

  • Any new CQs required for new Java EE spec's? Remember "end of M5" will be deadline for all Helios CQ's to be submitted.
Noted: Are the "works with" CQs required by this deadline? I'm sure if we asked a lawyer, they'd say yes :) but realistically, is not much work for IP Staff ... the primary reason for the early deadline to begin with (to budget their time). So, we will try, but not ask them or push the issue, and submit them as soon as feasible.

  • Bugs
Blocker and Critical
bugs still targeted to M3! or M4


M5 01/29
M6 03/12 - API, UI Freeze. Accessibility Reports.
M7 04/30
RC1 05/14 (followed by weekly RCs, if needed)
Final WTP 3.2 build 06/10
(06/23 Helios Release)

Note: these (and our plan dates) are on 'Friday' of the week. But, we produce and test the build on Thursday of the week, and ideally declare on Thursday. The dates in the Google Web Tools group calendar are for 'Thursdays' since that's a calendar for committers. We give ourselves the buffer to Friday, as our "public" date, that others can pick up our build, just in case a regression is found on Thursday and we have to respin and retest. [Technically, some might say, we still have till the following Tuesday or Wednesday for "Simultaneous Release" due date ... but it's hard to do much in that window, without disrupting everyone ... so we'd not use that buffer, except for the worst emergencies.]

Other business

  • we require some quick changes for JUnit V4

Noted: Great discussion. Chuck to evaluate with checkpoint nxt Tuesday. Discussions to continue in bugzilla. Another meeting will be called for those interested, if required.


WTP 3.1 Post Mortem

ramp down plan and policies

See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.

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