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WTP 2009-09-03

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WTP Development Status Meeting


Project Leads
Tim Y
Nitin Y
Chuck Y
Kaloyan Y
Raghu Y
Neil Y
David Y
Bob Y
Carl Y
Dave Y
Angel Y
Valentin Y
Nick Y
Rob Y
Aidyl Y

Note: feel free to correct any errors/omissions in above attendance record.

Announcements And Special Reports

  • hold off for now on requesting new "triaged" bugzilla accounts (until bug 288393 is resolved.

WTP Calendar

(Weekly Google Calendar updated through June, 2010)

For Galileo and Helios overall dates, see a Simultaneous Release Calendar

Quality Focus Items (Neil)

  • Focus Item:
  • Mark invalid patches as obsolete
  • Target bugs to a release or "future" if not a current release

WTP 3.1.x

Current Build


See also the Galileo ramp down dates


09/04 M Build SR1 RC3 (PMC +2 Review starts after RC3 declared)
09/11 R Build Final Build (PMC +3 required for emergency rebuilds after final build)
(09/25 Galileo SR1) (WTP 3.1.1) (fourth Friday of September)


01/08 M Build
01/15 M Build for SR2 RC1
01/29 M Build for SR2 RC2 (PMC Review starts following this build)
02/05 M Build for SR2 RC3 Can this be our final build?
02/12 R Build Final Build
(02/26 Galileo SR2) (WTP 3.1.2) (fourth Friday of February)


Targeted and unresolved for 3.1.1 or 2.2.1
resolved for 3.1.1 or 2.2.1
PMC Review begins after this week's RC2 candidate declared.

Galileo Maintenance Plan

See WTP_3.1.x_Maintenance for documentation of scope of maintenance and approvals required.

WTP 3.2

  • Planning (initial plans due on or before second Helios Milestone)
For general directions, you can use the 3.1 Project Plans reference.


M1 8/14
M2 9/25
Initial WTP 3.2 plans due 10/2 -- for Helios!
M3 11/06
M4 12/11
M5 01/29
M6 03/12
M7 04/30
RC1 05/14 (followed by weekly RCs, if needed)
Final WTP 3.2 build 06/10
(06/23 Helios Release)

Note: these (and our plan dates) are on 'Friday' of the week. But, we produce and test the build on Thursday of the week, and ideally declare on Thursday. The dates in the Google Web Tools group calendar are for 'Thursdays' since that's a calendar for committers. We give ourselves the buffer to Friday, as our "public" date, that others can pick up our build, just in case a regression is found on Thursday and we have to respin and retest. [Technically, some might say, we still have till the following Tuesday or Wednesday for "Simultaneous Release" due date ... but it's hard to do much in that window, without disrupting everyone ... so we'd not use that buffer, except for the worst emergencies.]

WTP 3.2G

  • We have once-a-day Galileo-based WTP 3.2 builds. Same WTP code. Different pre-req Platform. The goal is to make sure our 3.2 stream is at least compatible with both Galileo and Helios. Or, if we can not literally achieve being compatible, we should document why not and at least understand it.
  • Any issues?

Other business

  • remember to update Project Metadata to point to /helios in plan URL


WTP 3.1 Post Mortem

ramp down plan and policies

See also the WTP Meeting Archive-Reference Page.

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