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WTP 2.0.x Maintenance Schedule

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WTP 2.0.x Maintenance Schedule

This is the main page for all maintenance related activities on the WTP 2.0 release stream.

For severe issues that require an immediate patch, see WTP Patches.

WTP 2.0.3 Release (proposed)


This release will include only those bugs, since the WTP 2.0.2 release, for which a patch has already been issued. PMC approval (2 votes) is required for any new bugs to be considered for this release. Only teams with significant change need to perform a full smoke test on the first M-build, and other teams can decide on the appropriate level of testing.

Schedule Details

June 27 - M build
July 3rd - RC1 build
July 10th - RC2 - Final build
July 11th - 2.0.3 GA

Release History

Release GA
2.0.1 Sept 28, 2007
2.0.2 Feb 29, 2008

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