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WTP/Retention Policy


Retention Policy for WTP builds

Git sources

Any code included in a release is left in a git branch forever, but may be deleted from the master branch.

Branches are created for convenience and follow one of two conventions: R3.10.x or R3_10_maintenance. Starting with 3.11, maintenance builds are highly unlikely to be done, since minor releases will be released every 13 weeks.

A list of the current git repos is here.

Distributions in zip files

Current releases can be found here:

Old releases are archived here:

While developing a new release, milestone builds are kept until the release, at which point they are deleted.

Similarly, while developing a milestone, weekly integration builds are kept until the milestone is available, and then they are deleted.

Update sites

The following update sites are composites of the most recent milestones or releases for a given stream. They are guaranteed to work for a couple years.

If they stop working, just open a bug.

Zip files for patches or update sites

The patch builds are not guaranteed to be retained, but may survive for some time.

Granted, some of them have been around a long time, but there is no guarantee or predicable time line. The builds are created at the request of committers, usually for some specific adopter problem, and generally not for general use. They are use-at-your-own risk, if someone does want to use it, since hasn't been through the usual review and test cycle.

There are some cases, when updates are created in the form of feature patches and put on the public update site. These require PMC review/approval since could effect general users and all adopters. These patches on the update site will follow the update site repository policy.

After WTP 3.10, patch builds will only be done VERY SPARINGLY for blocker issues, since a new minor release is no more than 13 weeks away, and CI builds are available all the time as commits are pushed to master branch.

Getting Help, Getting Started, Contributing

If the above schedule doesn't meet your needs, feel free to contribute to the project! We're always looking for new hands, eyes, and brains.

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