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(WTP weekly I build breakages)
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{| border="3"   
{| border="3"   
|+ M6 02/28 Build I-I20080228055706-20080228055706
|+ <b>M6 02/28 Build I-I20080228055706-20080228055706</b>
! Component !! Error Type Compile/JUnit/Respin !! Analysis/Initials   
! Component !! Error Type Compile/JUnit/Respin !! Analysis/Initials   

Revision as of 09:08, 28 February 2008

WTP weekly I build breakages

The purpose of this board is to track the list of breakages that we have on our weekly I builds. Compile, JUnit, respin requests that cause a delay in smoketest and thus declaration of our builds. We hope to find a pattern with these breakages so that the same mistakes can be avoided in future.

M6 02/28 Build I-I20080228055706-20080228055706
Component Error Type Compile/JUnit/Respin Analysis/Initials
Server 3 compile errors in org.eclipse.jst.server.ui.tests
JPT DNF in Junit for org.eclipse.jpt.core.tests.internal.JptCoreTests
Server 2 Junit failures in org.eclipse.jst.server.ui.tests.AllTests
Releng 1 Junit failure in org.eclipse.wtp.releng.tests.TestBuild

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