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WTP/Build/WTP Batch Build

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How to setup WTP batch Build locally

The below instructions are for a Linux-like systems, mostly due to issues with path lengths. One could probably make it work on windows as well with some time spent to tweak it.

1. Setup prereqs

a. apache ant 1.7 =>
b. Both Java SDK 1.4 and 1.5

2. Check out build files

mkdir <BUILD HOME>, for example mkdir /shared/webtools
cvs -Q -f -d export -d ./releng.control -r HEAD webtools.releng/releng.control
If you are doing this behind a proxy, you need to alter the above command to specify the proxy information. Note the quotes.
cvs -Q -f -d ":pserver;proxy=[];proxyport=[port] export -d ./releng.control -r HEAD webtools.releng/releng.control"
You should see the releng.control dir created in the <BUILD HOME> dir after running this command
Set permissions to ensure how checked out files are exe permission chmod -R 755 <BUILD HOME>

3. Modifying properties files for your local build environment (you can do this either in eclipse or by opening the files from command line)

a. You can always get a fresh copy of all properties files from CVS by running the <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/ script, however to avoid your already modified properties files from being overwritten when the command is executed, you should make a copy of the properties directory first and modify the copied version
e.g. cp –R <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/localBuildExample ../new_props
b. Modifying <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/commonVariations.shsource (You can copy this file into your /home/<user>/bin directory so that these variables are always loaded when this user is logged on)
BUILD_HOME to location you defined in step 2
ANT_HOME to location of where your ant
JAVA_4_HOME to location of where your java 4
JAVA_5_HOME to location of where your java 5
LOCAL_BUILD_PROPERTIES_DIR to the copied properties directory from the last step
c. Modifying <BUILD HOME>/new_props/
Update this file to point the java locations to where the JAVA prereqs you've created in step 1
d. Review all the files in <BUILD HOME>/new_props/ Read the comments for each property and make the appropriate changes.

In order to build the 3.0.3 driver, I needed to:

Add two properties:
and change these properties

4. Running the build:

a. cd <BUILD HOME>/releng.control/
b. ./ –f cc_project_build.xml –Dprojectname=wtp-R3.0-I
You may run into this failure on first attempt ./ line #: commonVariations.shsource: No such file or directory
You can get around this by modifying the by commenting out the below on line within the if block
Please note that projectname is mandatory, all available projects are:
wtp-R3.0-I for current 3.0 integration build
wtp-R2.0-M for 2.0.2 maintenance build
wtp-R3.0-N HEAD build for 3.0
wtp-R3.0-M for 3.0.x maintenance build

5. Checking the build results

After the build is done, you should find the following directories created inside the <BUILD HOME> directory:basebuilders
Resulting Directories Description
basebuilders build plug-ins used from eclipse
committers final output of the log files
logcache used to generate log files
logs used to generate log files
prereqCache location for wtp build prereq files
projectBuilders builder projects supporting wtp build
projects wtp projects, final build output
tests Storage for downloaded test cases and the executed test results
releng.control This is the original directory checked out from CVS in step 2, and the build staring directory
new_props This is the properties directory created in step 3a, storing all of the properties files

Viewing the results

1. Run .<BUILD HOME>/releng.control/ to retrieve the necessary files from CVS to display results

2. Setup alias on linux to work with default webserver

i./sbin/service httpd start to start webserver and ensure http://localhost can be accessed post starting webserver
ii.Modify /etc/http/conf/httpd.conf to setup alias to your <BUILD HOME dir>
Alias /wtpbuild/ <BUILD HOME dir>/committers/
<Directory "<Build Home dir> /">
Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
iii. Restart webserver to pick up changes /sbin/service httpd restart
iv. http://localhost/wtpbuild should bring up the index.php file where you can view the build and test results

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