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Visual SQL Builder Requirements

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Following items have been identified as potential candidate requirements for the SQL Query Builder (pka Visual SQL Builder). Details on each requirement can be found in the pdf document attached to this BugZilla entry.

  • Functional Requirements
    • Create a SQL Statement.
    • Create a complex SQL Statement
    • Execute current SQL statement from within SQL Query Builder
    • Integration with SQL Execution Plan framework for the current statement in SQL Query Builder
    • Visually edit/modify an existing SQL statement
    • Use an existing SQL statement template to build a SQL statement
    • Build WHERE/HAVING clause expressions and conditions
  • UI Design Requirements
    • Launch/integrate SQB in different places, including as wizard pages or preference pages in a dialog
    • Quick and easy access to database objects
    • SQL Editor and SQB Integration
    • Enhancements in SQB Visual panel
    • Enhancements in SQB Source panel
  • Framework Requirements
    • SQB must be designed so that adopters can enable it for their own database SQL, and such that their enablement work isn’t invalidated by future work on the core SQB
    • Plug-ability of Vendor database specific fixed language objects
    • General purpose catalog loading mechanism to hook up various objects loading support.
    • Basic SQB functionality should work for any vendor database without requiring any changes
    • Vendor-neutrality, ease of adoption, and backward compatibility

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