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  • Lazar Kirchev - SAP
  • Chris Frost - VMware
  • Glyn Normington - VMware


  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Violeta Georgieva - SAP


  1. Lazar is working on shell bugs and testing nano web. He will then look at moving the shell bundles from Blueprint to DS, although he may not start this until next week.
  2. Discussion of a web admin console filename handling fix.
  3. Chris is working on tooling bugs and samples.
  4. Glyn is working on tooling bugs, runtime bugs, and seeing what needs to be included in Gemini Blueprint 2.0.
  5. Glyn and Chris are being visited by Mike Milinkovich and Ian Skerrett tomorrow. Topics to discuss include Virgo obtaining access to the Java EE Web Profile CTS.

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