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  • Lazar Kirchev - SAP
  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Glyn Normington - VMware


  1. Lazar is working on shell bugs and looking at a new, not yet logged, bug with shell configuration after Virgo restarts.
  2. Borislav is releasing 3.5.0.M02 which includes the minimal nano packaging and a "nano full" consisting of nano with Gemini Web. He has moved the hot deployer down into nano and provided an ApplicationDeployer implementation there which does a bundle context install. Next he will be moving on to user facing aspects such as tooling, management, and admin console.
  3. Glyn is working on a feature to allow plans to specify artifacts by URI. He will need to do this on the nano branch to avoid conflicts. After this, he plans to get involved in the subsystems work which Florian has started.
  4. Chris is investigating new admin console CQ issues and working on upgrading Virgo to Spring 3.1.

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