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  • Violeta Georgieva - SAP
  • Hristo Iliev - SAP
  • Borislav Kapukaranov - SAP
  • Chris Frost - VMware
  • Glyn Normington - VMware


  1. Everyone is beavering away on EclipseCon preparation.
  2. Glyn has been fixing bugs for M02 and is now looking at the Runtime Artifact Model which needs improving now that regions are based on framework hooks.
  3. Chris built and publicised M02. He is reverting the virgo-build submodules to use git: to accommodate Hudson (now that VMware has enabled git: again).
  4. Violeta is working with Katya to produce a p2 update site for Gemini Web. She is also looking at bug 337679 and at migrating to Tomcat 7.
  5. Hristo will be looking at bugs.
  6. Borislav is running Gemini Blueprint in the user region and will push this support and/or document how to enable this.
  7. Unless we need to build another milestone before EclipseCon, milestone 4 is pencilled in for the week beginning 28 March.

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