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VJET/VJET JavaScript IDE Installation Guide


This document describes how to install VJET JavaScript IDE.  VJET JavaScript is comprised of 2 components:

  • VJET JavaScript IDE - an Eclipse IDE plugin
  • VJET JavaScript Type Libraries - Type libraries for popular 3rd party JavaScript libraries


Before you can install VJET IDE, you must install:

  • [Eclipse JEE Edition] (VJET JavaScript IDE has been tested with the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers version)

If you are not already familiar with Eclipse, please refer to the Eclipse Workbench User Guide for an overview of Eclipse concepts.

Install VJET IDE

  1. From within Eclipse, select  Help > Install New Software....
  2. Click Add... copy and paste the location: (please get url location from vjet download page). Click OK.
  3. Select VJET and finish the installation.
  4. You will be prompted to restart Eclipse. Select Restart Now.
  5. After restart, Eclipse opens in the Eclipse Java EE perspective.  You must switch to the VJET JS Perspective in order to use the VJET features
  6. Select Window -> Open Perspective -> Other...
  7. Select VJET JS (VJET JS Browsing Perspective not yet supported).  You are now in the default VJET JavaScript work environment.

Vjet perspective js2.gif

What's Next?

The fastest way to become proficient with VJET JavaScript IDE is to code. VJET JavaScript documentation is available in 2 forms: open source wiki and Eclipse (cheat sheets, Help)

Since VJET JavaScript IDE is an Eclipse plugin, most of the documentation will be available in Eclipse.  In Eclipse, you can step through tutorials or view documentation while writing code at the same time. 

Install VJET JavaScript Type Libraries

For those of you interested in ???link doesnt work??? VJET/Using VJET JavaScript Type Libraries click on the link for instructions on importing VJET JavaScript type libraries into Eclipse and configuring your project(s) to use them.

VJET JavaScript Wiki Documentation

Begin with Getting Started, which will walk you through creating a VJET project and introduce you to the code assist features..  The other documents provide overviews of major VJET JavaScript IDE features.

VJET JavaScript Documentation in Eclipse

If you prefer to view documentation in Eclipse, begin with an overview of VJET JavaScript features and a simple Hello JavaScript tutorial.

Select the menu item Help > Welcome

  • VJET JavaScript Overview - On the Overview page, click on Developing JavaScript, which will walk you through creating a VJET Project and the code assist and development features.

Vjet welcome overview.gif

  • VJET JavaScript Hello World - On the Tutorials page, click on Hello VJET JavaScript World, which will walk you through creating the familiar Hello World application in VJET JavaScript.

Vjet welcome tutorial.gif

Eclipse Cheat Sheets

With Eclipse cheat sheets you can step through tutorials and write code at the same time.


For more information or support, please visit our [forums].

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