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VJET/Search Features

Developers often need to investigate code or to understand dependencies and relationships between entities. VJET JS provides support to help developers navigate through code.


Locate JavaScript file using the Search dialog

  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-T to open the Search dialog. Begin typing the name of the JavaScript file you want to locate; the Search dialog provides a list of matches based on your search criteria.

    Vjet search.gif

  2. Select the file and press OK. The file will open in the editor area.

Call Hierarchy

The Call Hierarchy View allows users to view the callers and callees of a selected JavaScript entity.

  1. Select the entity, then Right Click > Open Call Hierarchy

    Vjet call hierarchy open.gif

  2. The Call Hierarchy View displays the names of the JavaScript files that call the selected entity and the line number(s) of the call. You can toggle the panes to display the callee hierarchy.

Please refer to the Eclipse Java Development User Guide for detailed information about the Call Hierarchy View.

Vjet call hierarchy view2.gif

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