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VIATRA2/Model Space


Models and metamodels are all stored uniformly in the so-called VPM model space, which provides a very flexible and general way for capturing languages and models on different meta-levels and from various domains (or technological spaces).

Special features of the VPM model space (not supported by EMF) allows to

  • enumerate all instances of a metamodel element (in addition to access the class from an instance model element)
  • navigate references (relations) in both directions
  • assign multiple types for a model element (multi-domain editing)
  • reliable and simultaneous manipulation of metamodels and models (to enable generic / higher-order transformations)

This model space can be populated by various importer plugins including support for

  • UML2
  • BPEL and other business process modeling notations
  • various domain-specific models (using XML or EMF-based model representations)

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