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Fixed issues in 0.7.2

Issues with corresponding Bugzilla entry

  • bug 419439 [Viewers] edges disappear if the source or target item is changed
  • bug 419985 GMF dependency in viewers.runtime.zest
  • bug 420934 Engine fails during variable unification for convoluted pattern
  • bug 420935 Pattern validator trips on convoluted pattern with many == constraints
  • bug 417303 Query specification registry should give information on which extension point failed to load
  • bug 422775 Support "run once" query evaluation over non well-behaving derived features
  • bug 398828 Duplicate extension entries in plugin.xml
  • bug 420303 Make the invocation of XBaseEvaluator.init() conditional
  • bug 425735 Query explorer does not refresh match descriptions on model changes
  • bug 423298 Query is not entirely updated when resource is reloaded (bug fixed, issue not closed yet)
  • bug 428015 IncQuery builder unnecessarily runs multiple times

Viewers issues

  • label updates, viewer initialization, disposal

Compatibility issues

  • Due to changes in GEF4 Zest API, versions or later are used for the extra, Zest-based visualizations (not included in the main update site)

Other issues

  • Logger output for query-based features when query violates multiplicity contracts

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