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Differences in EMF-IncQuery 1.1

Removed Guava re-exports and access restriction errors

We have cleaned up our manifests and removed all direct and transitive re-exports of Google Guava. The Guava plug-in is not singleton and multiple versions can be installed at the same time, which can lead to problems at runtime that are very hard to solve in the user application.

Simply add Guava to your dependencies directly if you use it.

Increased missing parameter type validation rule from info to warning

While pattern parameter types are optional in EMF-IncQuery, we consider it good practice to always specify the type explicitly when possible. Since we generate code for the patterns and the generated match class fields must have a single type, we encourage our users to declare the type to use. There are still a few corner cases where type declarations have unwanted side effects (datatypes with values that do not appear in the model, see bug 399620 and using Java types bug 437972), so for 1.1.0 missing types are marked as warning in cases where we know a type can be safely specified.

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