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Differences in EMF-IncQuery 1.0

Using EVM with EMF Transactions

The org.eclipse.emf.workspace dependency was removed from org.eclipse.incuery.runtime.evm to avoid an explicit dependency to the EMF Transactions feature (bug 460108).

A new bundle called org.eclipse.incquery.runtime.evm.transactions is introduced (bug 460143) and all specific implementation classes depending on EMF Transactions has been moved there. Note that they are in the same package as before. These are the following:

  • CommandExecutingJob
  • RecordingJob
  • EventAtomEditingDomainProvider
  • TransactionUpdateCompleteProvider

Similarly, the factory methods related to these have been moved:

  • Jobs -> TransactionalJobs
  • Schedulers -> TransactionalSchedulers

The new bundle is included in a new feature which is available from the main update site and is part of the SDK as well.

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