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VIATRA 1.3 - New and Noteworthy

Neon compatibility


Query development environment update


Query-by-Example: Create queries based on selected model elements


Model transformation debugger prototype

VIATRA 1.3.0 now features the first prototype of the VIATRA Transformation debugger, which aims at helping the development and debugging of VIATRA-based model transformations.

Feature Summary

The VIATRA Transformation Debugger fields the following main features:

  • Allow the transformation developer to observe the inner state of the given VIATRA transformation and the associated model instances.
    • Displays the model instances associated with the transformation in a tree view with Properties support.
    • Displays the active activations of the model transformation using a contemporary Eclipse view.
    • Displays the precondition parameters of the next activation to be executed using the Eclipse Variables view.
  • Allows the transformation developer to control the execution of the VIATRA model transformation.
    • Supports the definition of various VIATRA transformation specific breakpoints, which integrate with the Eclipse Debug framework.
    • The user can control the execution of the transformation via the standard Eclipse Debugging controls (Step over (F6), Resume (F8)).
    • The user can define which transformation rule activaton should be executed next, overriding the default decision bade by the transformation.
  • Integrates with the Eclipse Debug framework.

It should be noted, that the debugger is currently a prototype, therefore it has some known limitations. In its current state, the debugger only supports the debugging of VIATRA transformations that run in the same JVM as the debgger itself. Intef-JVM communication will be introduced in future versions, so stay tuned.

User's guide

A detailed user's guide is part of the main VIATRA documentation and can be accessed via the following link:

Other issues


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