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Debugger Tooling for EMF-IncQuery

The EMF-IncQuery debugger tooling aims to provide useful functionality for the users, so that they can easily observe the contents of the EMF-IncQuery related artifacts when the program execution has stopped at a breakpoint. The plan is to provide three kinds of support for debugging

  • Possibility to explore the contents of the EMF instance models
  • Navigation in the contents of EMF-IncQuery pattern matcher engines (matchers, matches, match parameters, etc)
  • Navigation in the contents of EMF-IncQuery Rule Engines

The idea was described in the corresponding Bugzilla issue

The 0.8 version of EMF-IncQuery introduces support for the second point, the other two points will be implemented later. The debugger tooling is seamlessly integrated into the Eclipse Debug Perspective with additional views for the mentioned functionalities.

The features will be described with the emfxcel example (

Debugging EMF-IncQuery engines

Additional remarks

  • OSGi vs Eclipse app debugging

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