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Viewers Sandbox

  • Initialization
    • adding instance model and query definition to the Query Explorer
    • select the Initialize IncQuery Viewers from a query definition in the popup menu over any selected element in the main area
      • Reinitialize IncQuery Viewers
      • Reinitialize IncQuery Viewers (resource scope)

  • configuration, customization: we can select the used queries in the settings
    • Switch between horizontal and vertical mode
    • Create new component
    • Close current component

Horizontal.png Vertical.png

  • view synchronization when the „Apply” button is clicked

    • List viewer
    • Tree viewer
    • Graphviewer (change of settings)
      • Refresh Graph
      • Clear Graph
      • Set zoom level
      • Set layout of the graph
        • Tree
        • Spring
        • Radial
        • Sugiyama

List.png Tree.png Zest.png

Layout menu:


Using Viewer Annotations for Specifying the View Model

  • @Item: used on patterns whose results will be the main elements to display in the viewers
  • @ContainsItem: used on patterns whose results describe the the containment references between Items
  • @Edge: used on patterns whose results describe a generic edge reference between Items
  • @Format: used to define additional formatting

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