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Old information
This page is not updated anymore; for more up-to-date details look at the language specification at instead.

Derived feature support

The EMF metamodel for UML 2 contains several derived features which are not supported in VIATRA patterns by default. This optional integration component provides support for them via defining appropriate surrogate queries.

  • Install the feature UML Support for VIATRA from the VIATRA update site.

EMF-IncQuery UML Install.png

  • Add the org.eclipse.viatra.integration.uml plugin to your dependencies.

EMF-IncQuery UML Dependencies.png

  • Now you can use most of the derived features like every other feature.

EMF-IncQuery UML Queries.png

Status of derived features

Derived feature Status Remark
Action.context Done Since 1.1.0
Action.input Done Since 1.0.0
Action.output Done Since 1.0.0 Done Since 1.0.0
Activity.node Done Since 1.0.0
ActivityEdge.inGroup Done Since 1.0.0
ActivityGroup.containedEdge Done Since 1.0.0
ActivityGroup.containedNode Done Since 1.0.0
ActivityGroup.inActivity Done Since 1.1.0
ActivityGroup.subgroup Done Since 1.0.0
ActivityGroup.superGroup Done Since 1.0.0
ActivityNode.activity Done Since 1.1.0
ActivityNode.inGroup Done Since 1.0.0
Association.endType Done Since 1.0.0
Behavior.context Done Since 1.1.0
Class.extension TODO Buggy in 1.0.0, disabled in 1.1.0 (implementation checks Metaclass stereotype application, so it will be incorrect if used on classes that are _not_ metaclasses)
Class.superClass Done Since 1.0.0
Classifier.attribute Done Since 1.0.0
Classifier.feature Done Since 1.0.0
Classifier.general Done Since 1.0.0
Classifier.inheritedMember TODO
Component.provided TODO
Component.required TODO
ConnectableElement.end Done Since 1.0.0
Connector.kind Done Since 1.0.0
ConnectorEnd.definingEnd TODO
DeploymentTarget.deployedElement Done Since 1.0.0
DirectedRelationship.source Done Since 1.0.0 Done Since 1.0.0
Element.ownedElement Done Since 1.0.0
Element.owner Done Since 1.0.0
EncapsulatedClassifier.ownedPort Done Since 1.0.0
Extension.isRequired TODO
Extension.metaclass Done Since 1.0.0
Feature.featuringClassifier Incorrect Since 1.0.0, known problems (opposite of Classifier.feature according to specification, but implementation gives different result in some corner cases involving signals)
Message.messageKind Done Since 1.0.0
MultiplicityElement.lower TODO
MultiplicityElement.upper TODO
NamedElement.clientDependency Done Since 1.0.0
NamedElement.namespace Done Since 1.0.0
NamedElement.qualifiedName Done Incorrect in 1.0.0, fixed in 1.1.0
Namespace.importedMember Incorrect Since 1.0.0, known problems (imported members of Profiles are not fully correct)
Namespace.member Incorrect Since 1.0.0, known problems (inherited class members are not included)
Namespace.ownedMember Done Since 1.0.0
OpaqueExpression.result Done Since 1.0.0
Operation.isOrdered TODO
Operation.isUnique TODO
Operation.lower TODO
Operation.type TODO
Operation.upper TODO
Package.nestedPackage Done Since 1.0.0
Package.nestingPackage Done Since 1.1.0
Package.ownedStereotype Done Since 1.0.0
Package.ownedType Done Since 1.0.0
Parameter.default TODO
Port.provided TODO
Port.required TODO
Property.default TODO
Property.isComposite Done
Property.opposite TODO
ProtocolTransition.referred Done Since 1.0.0
RedefinableElement.redefinedElement Done Since 1.0.0
RedefinableElement.redefinitionContext Done Since 1.0.0
RedefinableTemplateSignature.inheritedParameter Done Since 1.0.0
Relationship.relatedElement Done Since 1.0.0
State.isComposite Done Since 1.0.0
State.isOrthogonal Done Since 1.0.0
State.isSimple TODO
State.isSubmachineState TODO
Stereotype.profile TODO
StructuredClassifier.part Done Since 1.0.0
StructuredClassifier.role Done Since 1.0.0
Type.package Done Since 1.0.0
Vertex.incoming Done Since 1.0.0
Vertex.outgoing Done Since 1.0.0

Static profile support

If you have an EMF-UML profile, you can query over applications of its stereotypes and their tagged values as if they were ordinary EClasses and EAttributes. As of 1.1.0, VIATRA only supports static profiles, so you have to define one as described in this blog post.

On the example below continuing the blog post, in the started runtime Eclipse, we created a pattern that matches ExampleStereotype applications, and as we can see in the Query Explorer, it has matches on a simple UML instance model:


Note for Papyrus users: it is recommended to also register your profile with Papyrus. To accomplish this, add an extension for the org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.extensionpoints.UMLProfile extension point, pointing to the UML model file containing your profile. For more information, refer to this thread.

The code for this example can be found in this repository.

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