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  • Lead election
    • Vote in progress, please vote if you have not already
  • Type inferrer
    • Merged to master
    • Some regressions found (eval output used in check)
    • We are trying to find a fix, workaround known and will be documented
    • If you see something that worked a week ago but not now, please notify us
  • Local search
    • Fixed several bugs, but some errors still occur
    • After this is done, deal with performance related issues
    • CPS M2M transformation works correctly
    • TODO Ábel: run CPS benchmark
  • Base Index Update
  • Query Development UI
    • Contribution moved to a separate, incubating project
    • Query Registry UI basicly works, some additional features under construction
    • Query Result Viewer is under construction
  • Duplicate FQN
    • We can say the current behavior is correct, but at least the JavaDoc of the getMatcher(String fqn) method must be updated!
  • GEF4 migration
    • Proof of concept is done, but not viable for 1.3
    • JavaFX possibly not part of OpenJDK
  • Transformation debugger
    • User guide being written in viatra-docs
    • TODO Peti: add details to New&Noteworthy
    • From the functionality point of view, the internals will be rewritten towards supporting remote debugging
  • Whitelist bug
    • There were some missing test cases related to this
    • Fixed bug and added test cases

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