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  • project renaming proposal
    • Consider the various modules when choosing the name (Query engine, Viewers, MT engine, DSE, CEP…)
    • Also consider the proper discriminability (e.g. another Eclipse MT project employing a VM: ATL)
    • If the “VIsual” term is confusing, this is the best time to handle it
      • VIATRA Is Another TRansformation Approach - Gaben
    • We cannot provide compatibility code for future releases
      • Only simple migration assistant and guide is possible
  • LS updates
  • Query by Example trial period coming soon
    • TODO (Gaben): provide a demo in two weeks
    • Make sure code can be contributed to


  • TODO: refresh update urls
  • Status of the MSc/BSc theses?
  • Meeting on VIATRA-CEP in December? (research objectives, development directions, discussing some of the open technical questions -> Bugzilla, Basecamp)
    • Let’s sync later, it may be feasible between 28th and 31st of December

1.2 and 0.8 feature bump: next monday/tuesday; email will be sent

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