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Meeting 2015 03 24


  • Committer process of Dini is completed
  • UML support (55/75 derived features) is committed in master
  • Project roadmap status: work on type inferrer, query registry and query explorer, VIATRA DSL and runtime refactor not yet started
  • Projects using Zest cannot graduate, as GEF4 is still in incubation -> suggestion: version number decrease on retevis, viewers.zest and local search ui to 0.10.0; Graphiti integration has similar issue
  • VIATRA3 paper strategy
    • Resubmit to ICMT or submit to MoDELS?




  • feature set matrix is planned for VIATRA as well, but later
  • Dávid István
    • some updates on committer status paperwork, should take a _long_ time
    • VIATRA-CPS example
      • Peter Lunk’s version is the winner, István Dávid’s version will stay in a fork
  • ICMT paper: István Dávid will work on reducing the length of the paper to 10 pages

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