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  • Presentation by György Gerencsér about his Query by Example project
    • validation: is the generated pattern connected?
      • auto-increment depth until pattern is connected?
    • integrate with: editor, query explorer, pattern visualizer
      • or: generate pattern model instead of code, and then serialize the stuff
    • more interactive UI so that we can experiment with disabling constraints, etc.
    • assign "selectivity" to constraints, how will the match set blow up if we leave it off? Detect unneccessary edges like this
    • QBE in other technologies:
      • DB
      • XML?
      • SparQL?
    • parameter reordering
      • initialize first according to selections
    • UI
      • right-click menu
      • shortcut key
      • ~ EMF model spy ?
      • somehow bind to an EMF-IncQuery project?
      • integrate with EIQ editor as view?
      • two-phase process: generate big pattern first, fine-tune in editor
      • create mockups and come back with them
    • multiple samples? negative samples?
      • simple NEG case: include as NAC those simple connecting edges that are permitted by the metamodel but not present
      • simple NEG case2: mark edge constraints (or groups) as NEG
    • options:
      • disable bidirectionality
      • find such simple NACs
      • etc.
  • Timeline:
    • M4 deadline: 19th
    • release 26th
  • Xtext 2.4 migration status
    • works more or less, except for the builder
    • consult Itemis for help
    • how much testing is enough before the release? e.g. roll through all example projects?
  • Dynamic EMF:
  • assign transitive closure path expansion ticket to Gábor

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