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== User's guide ==
== User's guide ==
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserDocumentation/API|Usage of the API]]
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/Installation|Installation]]
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserDocumentation/Statecoders|Statecoders]]
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/API|Usage of the API]]
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/Statecoders|Statecoders]]
* Algorithms
* Algorithms
** [[VIATRA/DSE/UserDocumentation/NewAlgorithms|Developing new algorithms]]
** [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/NewAlgorithms|Developing new algorithms]]
** [[VIATRA/DSE/UserDocumentation/BasicAlgorithms|Basic algorithms]]
** [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/BasicAlgorithms|Basic algorithms]]
** [[VIATRA/DSE/UserDocumentation/Genetic|Genetic algorithm (NSGA-II)]]
** [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/Genetic|Genetic algorithm (NSGA-II)]]
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserDocumentation/DesignSpace|Design space]]
* [[VIATRA/DSE/UserGuide/DesignSpace|Design space]]
== Contributors Guide ==
== Contributors Guide ==

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VIATRA-DSE Wiki Documentation

Design space exploration (DSE) is a multi-criteria, search-based design process, which searches for good enough solutions within the possible design alternatives. VIATRA-DSE defines design candidates as EMF models, goals and constraints as EMF-IncQuery patterns and alters the model via domain specific transformation rules.

Main features

  • Based on EMF and EMF-IncQuery
  • Supports parallel algorithms
  • There are already a number of implemented algorithms:
    • Depth first search
    • Breadth first search
    • Fixed priority search
    • Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-II)
  • Easy to use API
  • Parts of the framework can be changed via interfaces

User's guide

Contributors Guide


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