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Using the Bndtools Remote Services Project Templates

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Once you have created a Workspace using the Remote Services template, it's now possible to use Bndtools project templates to create a new remote service API project, create an implementation of this remote service, create a consumer of the remote service, and run/test the implementation and consumer.

Create a Remote Service API Project

In the new workspace there is a Remote Services API Project template to help create a Remote Service API project. To use this template, select File->New->Bnd OSGi Project


Select Remote Service API Project->Next

Project Name: org.example.remoteservice.api

Note: this is a suggested name for the example project, when you use this template for creating your own remote service you can specify an appropriate project/bundle/package name.

Choose Next->Finish. This will create a new project in your workspace named org.example.remoteservice.api

Create a Remote Service Impl Project

Select File->Next->Bnd OSGi Project->Remote Service Impl Project template

Project Name: org.example.remoteservice.impl

Select Next. Under Template Parameters for the apipackage parameter specify the name of the API project created above (e.g. org.example.remoteservice.api) and Next->Finish.

Create a Remote Service Consumer Project

Similar to the Impl project above, create a consumer project by selecting the Remote Service Consumer Project template.

Once all three (API, Impl, Consumer) projects are created, the workspace should look something like this


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