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Using VIBE with ICE

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Using ICE to run VIBE (Virtual Integrated Battery Environment) simulations

ICE provides 3 items that can be used to configure and run VIBE simulations. To view a list of all of the available plugins in ICE click the ‘Create an Item’ button on the left-hand viewport of the ICE interface.

Create an item.png

Fig 1. Use the ‘Create an item’ button to create a new VIBE related item.

There are three VIBE related items that are available for use:

VIBE Key-Value Pair The VIBE Key-Value Pair Item allows you to specify variable values in a simulation. This item is optional.

VIBE Launcher The Caebat Launcher Item runs the specified simulation.

VIBE Model The VIBE Model Item allows you to configure the simulation setup parameters.

Vibe model.png

Fig 2. The Item Selector has 3 VIBE related items

Creating a VIBE Model

To begin a simple run, select the ‘VIBE Model’ item. The form will be populated with the information for the default ‘VIBE Model’ case. As you become more familiar with all of the settings you can customize the default case to your taste. When you are done exploring this form you can simply click the ‘Go!’ button next to ‘Export to VIBE INI Format’ to write out the input file.

Vibe Model 1.png

Fig 3. The VIBE Model form can be exported to a VIBE readable file using the upper right controls.

Running a VIBE Simulation

VIBE Launcher

To run the simulation specified in the file that was just written out create a new item the same way that the ‘VIBE Model’ item was created, but choose the ‘VIBE Launcher’ item from the list now. Again, the form will be populated with some default information about how to launch a VIBE simulation. To use the input file, simply choose it from the drop down menu labeled ‘Input File’. The file will be named the same thing as the VIBE Model Item that was just used on the left side, in the Item list.

Vibe Launcher conf.png

Fig 4. Choose the input file from the Input File dropdown menu. All VIBE input files generated in ICE have the .conf extension

Run the Simulation

To run the simulation save the item and then click ‘Go!’ in the upper right hand corner. A console will pop up displaying the standard output from the simulation.

The VIBE Model item can be created inside of the existing project. Simply right click on that project in your Project Explorer window and choose New -> Other -> Create Item Wizard, then hit the 'Next' button and select 'VIBE Model' from the list of all of the available plugins.

New other.png

Fig 5. Right-click on the existing project to add an item

Create item wiz.png

Fig 6. Choose 'Create Item Wizard'

Vibe model added.png

Fig 7.The VIBE Model item is now added to your project

Similarly,the other VIBE items can be added in order to run the simulation.

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