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Updating the People Pages

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How to Add a Person to the WTP People Pages 22:38, 26 February 2007 (EST)

The WTP Web site contains information about contributors. Each contributor has their own page. There is also an index page and a page that lists people according to their activity. These instructions explain how to add a page for a person.

1. Check out the webtools Web site from CVS.

2. Open the people directory.

3. Find someone who is similar to the person you are adding and make a copy of their XML file, e.g. copy wagner.xml, and rename it to the person you are adding, e.g. fraser.xml.

4. Open the new file in the XML editor and modify it to describe the new person.

5. Create a large and a small image for the person and store these in the people/photos/large and people/photos/small directories. The large photo should be around 200x240 and the small photo should be half that, i.e. around 100x120. Reference these photos from the XML file.

6. Add an entry for the person in people.xml.

7. The URL that will point to your page will be of the form:<person> where <person> is the name of the XML file without the extension. Example for fraser:

8. Test the pages locally.

9. If all is well, commit the changes.

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