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Return to the main '''[[UI_Best_Practices_v3.x#UI_Graphics|UI Graphics]]''' section on the UI Best Practices page.
Return to the main '''[[User Interface Guidelines#UI Graphics (3.x Updates)|UI Graphics (3.x Updates)]]''' section on the UI Best Practices page.

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Return to the main UI Graphics (3.x Updates) section on the UI Best Practices page.

The Common Elements section provides a library of graphical elements that have already been developed for Eclipse-based tools. This extensive selection of common elements provides not only a base for creating new icons and wizard graphics, but for reusing existing ones as they are. Used in conjunction with the core concepts shown in the Consistency & Reuse section, this library will enable efficient creation of graphical elements and promote consistency throughout the user interface.

Icon elements

Des common icons.gif
Click here to download the “common_icon_elements_eclipse-proj.psd” for Eclipse Project icons and the "common_icon_elements_eclipse-tools.psd" file for a subset of icons related to Eclipse-based tools.

Wizard elements

Des common wiz.gif
Click here to download the "" vector-based file for designing wizard banner graphics and the "common_wizard_elements.psd" raster-based file for cutting them.

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