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Notice: This Wiki is now read only and edits are no longer possible. Please see: for the plan.

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UI Best Practices Update Process

Process for Updating the UI Best Practices Guidelines

Make a request

  • We will use bugzilla to track the set of topics that people are working on. Query bugzilla to see if the topic you wish to write or edit is already being work on.
  • File a bug against component UI Guidelines
  • Track the bug. The bug will be the place where your submission is discussed, edits are suggested, etc.
  • If you are suggestion or request isn't at that concrete a level, feel free to add some discussion text to the Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines page.

Add your content

  • Minor Edits:
    • If you are making minor edits (e.g. fixing typos or small inaccuracies) then do so in place.
    • Make a comment in the bug with respect to the changes you've made.
  • Major Edits:
    • If you are creating a new section, or making extensive edits to an existing one, make a new wiki page linked from Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines.
    • Use the new 3.x template
    • If you are editing an existing section, make a copy of it in a new page and edit from there. This allows you to work in a sandbox.
    • The Talk:User_Interface_Guidelines page should list at the top all the pages being worked on. Actual content should be on the working page or in a bug report.
    • Put a comment at the top of the existing page, "UNDER CONSTRUCTION bug #123" with the bug number. This is a safeguard to ensure two people don't start making major edits to the same section and potentially either duplicate or lose work.
    • Put a link to this page in your bug.

Have things reviewed

  • Change the status of the bug to resolved with resolution fixed. This will trigger review.
  • Wait a while. If there is violent objection someone will reopen the bug. Discussion can happen on the bug thread or UI Best Practices Working Group mailing list. Issues can also be brought up at one of the meetings.

Merge your changes into the drafts

  • If after one week nobody has raised any objections to the changes, move your content from the sandbox to the draft pages here: UI Best Practices v3.x

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