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Mik Kersten, Boris Bokowski, Kimberley Peter, Neil Hauge, Tod Creasey, Bob Fraser

Plan for Ganymede

Discussion of what the deliverables can be for the Ganymede train. We are not in a place to commit to having the entire guidelines updated. Current proposal is to focus on the top 10 UI guidelines and make compliance a requirement / suggestion. Need to get consensus on the top 10 list at the next meeting.

Mylyn UI Review

Held a Mylyn UI Review. Start at the Mylyn tutorial. There was a lot of discussion of the elements in figure 1. Some of the design decisions the Mylyn team made were, keeping the list flat so it could be scanned easily, and a dedicated column for indicating incoming and outgoing information. Switching multiple types of working sets at the same time remains a challenging issue.

Next call

The next meeting will be at 10:00 PDT / 17:00 UTC on October 3rd.

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