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Tod Creasey, Boris Bokowski, Kevin McGuire, Michael Scharf, Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus, Kimberley Peter, Neil Hauge

1. Guideline Updates

  • Sue = Susan Yeshin ... Message Rules (3.x) and something from TBD (from 2.1)
  • Raji = Raji Akella ... TBD (something from 2.1)
  • Neal = Neil Hauge ... Properties Tab (3.x)
  • Kim = Kim Peter ... UI Graphics conversion (3.x) & image updates to 2.1 wizard sentence issues

  • Top Ten Lists : Use as active point of reference for show and tells

2. Improve navigation to UI pages

  • Use "Categories"
  • Add these on our pages so that we have context -- Michael's will give us pointer on how to do this

3. UI Questions

1) Managing multiple instances of the same view

  • Examples include Console Views (switching between data sources or the same), Search, and History views

General case guidelines:

  • use multiple view instances, not tabs in tabs
  • use unique titles for each view instance to reflect the content
  • allow for rapid navigation between the views
  • show history, eg. search view


  • every time you do a search, you don't want a new view
  • how are people going to interact with it


  • Multiple tabs for editors and for views and how they get used
  • Use of multiple instances more pervasive

Tips and Tricks

  • Use multipage editors if you want to look at same data set in different ways
  • Use multiple instances of a view if they contain different content
  • like different tabs in a browser with different content, but you may also have the same content in that browser view
  • give ability to determine the content in a view instance

Related comments:

  • Confusing where the Console View gets put when "new"
  • New Console Stack trace = new stack trace inside of Console View
  • New Console View = new Console View
  • One of goals of UIWG is harmonize these kinds of differences
  • Search needs help :-) -- Michael to send comments to Kevin; has also talked with Martin about same

2) When do you use forms inside a view/editor?

  • Depends on audience and problem space
  • Slickness of look
  • Type, amount, and complexity of content, e.g., complex content is good in form content

3) Is it appropriate to use forms in a view that is not

  • Yes
  • Don't want to over use though since everything ends up looking the same
  • Distinguish primary and secondary views by how you render elements in form
  • Use forms API to varying degrees for secondary views
  • Can also use GEF

Related comments:

  • Overuse of model dialogs - eg. launch configuration
  • Rethink this one and move it to forms
  • Move away from modal dialogs
  • Other dialogs that could be (have been) non-modal: Run, Preference -- but have to stay that way to not cause breakages
  • Example of something complex that you can see or not see: XRay (by Chris Laffra), floating


  • Kevin M to gather group of guideline editors to discuss process and template (aiming for Thurs, Mar 29 after 3:00 PM (EST)
  • Next meeting will be on April 11th. Tod Creasey will give a UI walkthough of the Platform UI from Europa M6.

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