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UI Best Practices Working Group Meeting - 2007-01-24

Attending:Sue Yeshin, IBM; Neil Hauge, Oracle; Kimberly Peter, IBM; Bob Fraser, BEA; Kevin McGuire, IBM; Boris Bokowski, IBM; Tom Creasy IBM

Discuss presentation to the Eclipse Planning Council

On January, Bob Fraser presented the workings of the UI Best Practices Working Group and solicited their aid in promoting the group and increasing interaction with the projects.

  • The UI show and tells were seen as a valuable service provided by the group
  • The planning council recommended UI walkthroughs for the upcoming Europa Milestones
  • They recommended an usability panel session or BOF at EclipseCon

We will take the following actions:

  • We are attempting to get a quorum for a usability panel.
  • Email the mailing list soliciting volunteers for UI walkthroughs for M5, M6, etc.

Discuss process for updating the UI Guidelines

We continued refining the process for updating the UI guidelines.


  • Bugzilla 171582 filed to get a new component for UI guidelines with inbox, so this group can monitor proposals and use Bugzilla for voting.
  • Bob to write up wiki page with the process

Coming soon to the UI guidelines

  • Form updates
  • Property sheets

Next meeting

We will meet again on February 7th.

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