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UI Best Practices Working Group Meeting - 2006-10-25

Attending: Raji Akenna, IBM; Kevin McGuire, IBM; Maxime Daniel, Compuware; Neil Hauge, Oracle; Michael Scharf, Wind River; Guru Nagarajan, Intel; Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus, Compuware, Bob Fraser, BEA, Troy Beecroft, BEA

UI Show and Tell

Kevin McGuire gave a very nice demonstration of Websphere Integration Developer. This led to a lot of discussion on UI trade-offs.

Take aways:

  • Don't put things on the top level menu. Integration Developer used a pallete embedded in the design surface as an alternative to polluting the top level menu.
  • There was good conversation on how we might use animations and / or highlighting to cue users to important items when in a particular view.

Action Items

Get some of this reflected in the User Interface Guidelines.

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