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UI Best Practices Working Group Meeting - 2006-10-11

Attending: Neil Hauge (Oracle), Dali-WTP; Tom Gullion (Borland GMF); Boris Bokowski (IBM); Troy Beecroft (BEA); Guru Nagarajan (Intel); Tod Creasey (IBM); Kevin McGuire (IBM); Bang Nguyen (Actuate)


  • make process steps mandatory? (see Kevin's e-mail)
  • ask for volunteers for project show and tells


  • We are not pushing for mandatory process elements
  • But would like to make usability information across projects transparent to the community
    • We will create a UIBPWG wiki page pointing to usability information about the top-level projects participating in the Europa release
  • Next calls will be project show and tells (45 Minutes to leave some room for discussion before/after)
  • Participants are expected to read the UI guidelines as preparation for the next call.
  • Please file bugs against Platform/UI if you find anything that needs to be addressed.

Planned calls (biweekly Wednesday at 10:00 PDT)

  • October 25: Kevin McGuire (IBM, Platform UI) to show Websphere Integration Developer, an Eclipse-based product
  • November 8: Tod Creasey (IBM, Platform/UI) about accessibility
  • November 22: TPTP
  • December 6: Neil Hauge about Dali/Webtools JPA

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