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UI Best Practices Working Group Meeting - 2006-09-27

Attending: Neil Hauge (haig) Oracle, Dali-WTP; Michael Scharf (windriver); Tom Gullion (Borland GMF); Susan Yeshin (IBM Rational); Raji Akenna (IBM Lotus); Boris Bokowski (IBM); Brian Fitzpatrick (DTP Sybase); Bob Fraser (BEA); Troy Beecroft (BEA); Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)

  • There were many new members, so we went around and made introductions.
  • A little history was presented and we caught up new members.
  • We reviewed the User Interface Best Practices Working Group Charter Related Activities with the goal of creating a proposal to the Planning Council.
    • Link to UI Best Practices Working Group activities
    • We agreed to propose to the planning council that the output of the Post Mortems should be a requirement for participation in the simultaneous release.
    • We agreed to propose that the Project Show and Tells should be a recommended activity.
    • We agreed to propose that the output of the UI POLISH REVIEW should be a requirement as part of the release exit criteria.
  • The meeting time was awkward for some, so we moved it ½ hour later.
  • Action items:
    • Action – ask for volunteers for project show and tell.
    • Identify and set up a category for this working group.
      • Note this has happened and there is a category “User Interface Best Practices Working Group”

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