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Tycho/Release Notes/0.18

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Tycho 0.18.0 is currently in development. This page shows a preview of features which will be available in the 0.18.0 milestone.

List of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.18.0


To try out the most recent snapshot build of 0.18.0, simply add the following snippet to your (parent) pom.xml, and set the property for the Tycho version (e.g. tycho-version) to 0.18.0-SNAPSHOT.


New and Noteworthy


Target Platform & Dependency Resolution

  • (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE) The build now fails if a p2 repository is referenced that has installable units from an old-style update site. These so-called "partial IUs" cannot be used for dependency resolution and used to be silently dropped from the target platform. This often lead to strange resolution problems (bug 380438, question on stackoverflow). Now the build fails with a clear error message. If this incompatible change is a problem for your build, please report it on the tycho-user mailing list.

Test Execution



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