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<div id="versionNav">[[Tycho/Release Notes/0.14|&lt; Previous Version]] | [[Tycho/Release Notes/0.16|Next Version &gt;]]</div>

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This page lists the features and bug fixes available in the 0.15.0 milestone release.

List of bug fixes and enhancements in 0.15.0

New and Noteworthy

New Features

  • Standard maven property ${} is now taken into account by the tycho-compiler-plugin
  • Annotation processors can now be used with the JDT compiler when used with maven-compiler-plugin (see integration test )
  • The repository archive name generated by packaging type eclipse-repository is now configurable via standard maven property ${}
    Note that the default archive name changed from ${project.artifactId}.zip to ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.zip to be more compliant with maven conventions
  • For plugin and feature projects, a missing file or a missing bin.includes entry in will now fail the build by default as this would create an empty bundle/feature jar (warning only if strictBinIncludes=false)

Improvements and Fixes

  • .target file resolution results are now cached which can speed up the total build time by more than 50%, especially for large multi-module builds with many locations in the .target file
  • During source bundle generation, MANIFEST headers Bundle-Name and Bundle-Vendor are now taken over from the original bundle (with " Source" appended to the Bundle-Name)
  • The versions of JDT/APT , equinox and p2 used by tycho have been updated to Juno M7
  • tycho-surefire-plugin will now fail on exceptions in the tycho testing harness even if ${maven.test.failure.ignore} = true
  • The packaging type eclipse-application has been deprecated for a while now. To make this clear(er), a deprecation warning is printed when using packaging type eclipse-application

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