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Tycho/Additional Tools

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The Tycho project provides additional tools that may be useful when working with Tycho.


The mirror goal of the tycho-p2-extras-plugin copies installable units (plus their corresponding artifacts) from one or more p2 repositories into the build directory. This goal is available since version 0.13.0.

Example usage:

Mirror the org.eclipse.rcp feature from the Indigo p2 repository to target/repository. Filter the platform-specific fragments to only include linux/gtk/x86_64 os/ws/arch.

					<!-- source repositori(es) to mirror from -->
						<!-- sypported layouts are "p2-metadata", "p2-artifacts", and "p2" (for joint repositories) -->

				<!-- starting from here all configuration parameters are optional -->
                                <!-- they are only shown here with default values for documentation purpose -->

				<!-- List of IUs to mirror. If omitted, allIUs will be mirrored. -->
				<!-- Omitted IU version element means latest version of the IU -->
				<!-- The destination directory to mirror to. -->
				<!-- Whether only strict dependencies should be followed. -->
				<!-- "strict" means perfect version match -->
				<!-- Whether or not to follow optional requirements. -->
				<!-- Whether or not to follow non-greedy requirements. -->
				<!-- filter properties. E.g. filter only one platform -->
				<!-- Whether to filter the resulting set of IUs to only -->
				<!-- include the latest version of each IU -->
				<!-- don't mirror artifacts, only metadata -->
				<!-- whether to compress the target repo -->
				<!-- whether to append to the target repo content -->

The mojo has the same parameters as the p2.mirror ant task

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