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Triquetrum/Opening A Model

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This page is about how to open a model in Triquetrum. If you have not yet done so, see Getting Started.

There are several ways to open a model:

1. Create a project, then copy and paste the model in to Triquetrum.

2. An alternative is to use File -> Open File, which will not add the model to a project (See #65 File->Open should be able to open a .tdml file)

3. Import a model into a project (See #238 File -> Open File... does not add a file to a project)

Below we create a project, then copy and paste the .tdml file.

1. Download and unzip it.

2. In the window system of your operating system copy the ICEdemo1.tdml file.

3. In Triquetrum, create a project. See Getting Started.

4. In Triquetrum, click on the project and then paste the contents of the copy buffer:


5. Then, click on the project name to show the name of the model:


6. Click on the model file icon to open the file:


7. To run the model, the value of the filePath parameter must be updated. To do update the value, hover over the filePath icon and select the configure dialog.


8. Click on the green run button in the upper left. The model will run:


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