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Triquetrum/Kepler Triquetrum Repository

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Below are the steps necessary to use the prototype Kepler/Triquetrum interface.

This is a work in progress and intended only for experienced developers.

  1. Build Triquetrum from source
  2. Install Kepler in the workspace
  3. Import the Kepler/Triquetrum projects
    1. Copy the Git repo URL:
    2. In the Git Repository pane, right click and select Paste Repository Path or URI
    3. Create the Repo
  4. Import the projects FIXME: Need instructions
  5. It is best to Download a standalone Triquetrum build and add the update location to it. It is very complex to add an update location to Triquetrum instance that was started from the Eclipse RCP instance. Instead, use a downloaded version of Triquetrum

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