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Triquetrum/Getting Started

This page covers how to get started with Triquetrum.

There are at least two ways to get started with Triquetrum:

  1. Building From Sources, which is for people who will collaborate on Triquetrum
  2. Downloads, which is for people who want to use Triquetrum


Select a workspace

When Triquetrum starts up, you will be prompted to Select a workspace:

The "Select a workspace" window.  Either click on OK or Browse to a different location

The Welcome Pane

The Eclipse Application may show a welcome window, which you can close.

The Welcome pane.  Close the pane by clicking on the X in the pane tab

The first Triquetrum window

You will then see a fresh Triquetrum window:

The first Triquetrum window

Create a Triquetrum Project

Triquetrum is based on a project model, so first we create a project:

  1. Right click on the Project Explorer tab
  2. Select New -> Project -> General -> Project

The window that appears after right clicking in the Project Explorer pane and selecting New -> Project -> General -> Project.

  1. Click on Next
  2. Enter the name of your project. We chose ``MyProject``.

Create a project named ``My Project``

  1. Click on Finish
  2. Your project will appear in the Package Explorer tab

Create a Workflow

The next step is to create a workflow:

  1. In the Package Explorer, right click on MyProject, the newly created project
  2. Select New -> Other and the Select a wizard dialog appears:
    Creating a new workflow
  3. In the Select a wizard dialog, in the Diagram Type drop down, select Triquetrum workflow model:
    Selecting which type of diagram to create
  4. Click on Next
  5. Enter the name of the workflow, the default of newDiagram is fine.
  6. In Triquetrum, a tab called newDiagram should appear:

Build and Run A Model

  1. Drag a Const, Display and SDF director from the right side into the newDiagram pane.
  2. Then drag from the Const output port to the Display input port.
  3. Then click on the background of the diagram so that the relation changes from an orange dashed line to a blue solid line:


  1. Save the model.
  2. Click the green run arrow in the upper left tool bar.
  3. Look in the Console tab of the Eclipse that was used to launch Triquetrum. A line showing the run time and memory should appear:
 398 ms. Memory: 440320K Free: 359309K (82%)


  • To change the name of an actor, highlight the actor name in the model and type in a new name
  • To change a parameter, double click on the actor and select the parameter:


Double-click does not always work

If double clicking on an actor or attribute fails to bring up the Edit Attributes dialog, then hover over the actor or attribute and select the Configure icon marked in red: TriquetrumConfiguringWhenDoubleClickFails.png

Next step: See Opening A Model.

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