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  • This video has already been produced for the Callisto Release Train (here).


  • Java installed


  1. Open terminal
  2. Type "java -version"
  3. Popup "Eclipse 3.2 requires Java 1.4.2 or higher"; url:



  1. Open Firefox
  2. Navigate to
  3. Navigate to discovery page
  4. Navigate to SDK 3.2RC2 Download.



Part 1

  1. Click on the downloaded archive
  2. Extract onto desktop
  3. Close extractor

Part 2

  1. Run Eclipse

Part 3

  1. Go to Workbench
  2. Help > Updates
  3. "Search for new features to install"
  4. Callisto Discovery Site
  5. Expand list of features
    • "You can selectively install only the projects you're specifically interested in"
    • "Select the features you want to install"

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