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Trace Compass/Project Meetings

The Trace Compass project holds bi-weekly online meetings to discuss the current state of the project and ongoing work.

These meetings target mainly committers and other people doing development work, however anyone who is interested in Trace Compass development is welcome to attend.

Schedule and location

The meetings are planned to happen every two weeks, on Friday, at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

At the moment, the meetings are done using, in the tracecompass room. Direct link to the room (please copy-and-paste):

Screen sharing only works with Chrome/Chromium for now, and requires installing the extension (it should prompt you while in the room).

Agendas and minutes

This section lists the tentative agenda of the upcoming meetings, as well as minutes of the past ones.

Feel free to edit these pages to add agenda items you would like to discuss in the upcoming meeting. Please add newest entries at the top.

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