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Trace Compass/News/NewIn53


Migrated to EPL 2.0

  • Control flow view improvements
    • Added a PID column to the control flow view


    • Control Flow view filters also by tid and pid
  • Allow callsite analysis to be extended
  • Symbols to flame graph tooltip

The tooltip of the flame graph now has an entry "Symbol" that shows the function name being aggregated.

  • Manually launch analysis from the project explorer

Double click on the entry in the views menu under the trace/experiment.

  • Accelerate builds
    • Split UI tests in short and long tests

Speeds up builds from 1h 20 to 35 min.

    • Allow UI and core test to be skipped separately

Speeds up local builds

  • Work towards client server architecture:
    • CriticalPathDataProvider implements IOutputStyleProvider
    • ThreadStatusDataProvider return TimeGraphEntryModel elements
  • TraceCompassLogUtils implements the complete trace-event specification
  • Add lock Y axis to XY charts



  • Bug 559874: Fix NPE in trace package import
  • Ctrl-f in time graph searches text in all columns
  • Trace entry in Control Flow does not have a tid/pid
  • Force context activation in time graph/XY chart view setFocus()


  • Handle bad deletes in TimestampTramsformFactory
  • Handle return code of delete in UpdateTraceBoundsJob
  • Use accessor methods when possible
  • Check hasNext result in iterator

Bugs fixed in the 5.3.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 5.3.0

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