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Trace Compass/News/NewIn52


  • StateSystem#queryOngoing
  • Extension attribute for opening events table with trace aspects
  • manually launch analysis from the project explorer
  • TmfOpenTraceHelper#openFromElement
  • Ability to set a fixed range for Y axis of XYCharts
  • Extension point for CLI actions
  • Support full background search in AbstractTimeGraphView
  • Support extend selection with Shift+click on marker axis
  • Bug 552713: Support building of Trace Compass with Java 11
  • TimeGraphState constructor that takes value and style
  • Support tooltip information from multiple data providers
  • Event aspect categories to allow classification.
  • Support override fetch parameters for time graph data provider
  • Show Labels view menu to time graph views
  • Support for scopes and id table in tree data providers
  • Support for style hierarchy
  • Support more style properties in time graph control
  • Support styles in arrows from data provider
  • Support fetching annotations from data provider
  • Support fetching styles from data provider
  • Support for heterogenous callsites in a trace
  • Enable source code lookup in Flame Chart view tooltip.
  • Base aspect showing hardware context.
  • If a tooltip has a source code entry, enable source code lookup.
  • Tooltips with source code location create a link to lookup directly
  • Source code lookup for resources and control flow views
  • Callsite iterator
  • Callsite analysis
  • TmfStrings#cpu


  • TmfOpenTraceHelper#openTraceFromElement, use method with return type
  • AbstractFileCheckpointCollection#getFileChannel
  • Some ITimeEventStyleStrings replaced by style properties
  • OsStrings#cpu


  • Bug 558203: Experiment in XY views are not working properly
  • Bug 552703: Fix getting list of contexts for LTTng 2.11
  • Bug 553068: Inefficient use of regex pattern in MATCHES filter
  • Bug 553074: Tooltip not shown for String or null value in SSE
  • Race condition in indexer
  • Increased performance of Attribute Pools
  • Source code lookup hyperlink in tooltips
  • Possible NullPointerException handling SoftIrq events
  • Bug 552664: ConcurrentModifException in StateSystemDataProvider
  • propagate InterruptedException
  • rethrow Interrupted exception in remote.
  • Improve performance of UST symbol lookup
  • Bug 551561: Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in Kernel Memory View


  • Use the Cli extension point for CLI argument parsing
  • Use apache.cli for command line argument parsing
  • Command line arguments should be preceded by --cli
  • Use presentation provider to get tooltip for source code lookup
  • Provide an UstDebugInfoSymbolProvider in ust.core
  • Improved time graph legend layout with dynamic columns
  • ITimeGraphEntryModel extends IElementResolver


  • Interrupt other threads on interrupted exceptions
  • improve buffered blocking queue checks
  • Improve file handling in AbstractFileCheckpointCollection
  • use better file handling for xml
  • make constant field final
  • Improve file handling in remote.
  • Disable XXE processing in SAX elements
  • Improve file handling in Tests

Bugs fixed in the 5.2.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 5.2.0

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