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Trace Compass/News/NewIn51


  • Context columns in events table for CTF Traces (CTF 2.0 feature)
  • Default way to get callsites from events
  • Publish of the Trace Compass API Javadoc
  • Support time graph state filtering on start/end/duration
  • Support segment filtering on start/end/duration
  • SubSecondTimeWithUnitFormat can parse time string data (eg. 200ms)
  • View ID is now a property of the output element
  • Added source lookup to segment tables.
  • Support of formatted numbers and dates in filters


  • Bug 550947: Fix active thread filtering for selected CPUs
  • Bug 550800: Improve Dark Theme support in Filters view
  • allow every filter to be negated
  • Bug 550454: OOME when adding an empty trace to an experiment
  • NullPointerException in StateSystemPresentationProvider.getStateTableIndex
  • Bug 549944: NullPointerException in BtfTrace.validate()
  • Filters applied to event table can be deleted from Filters view
  • Bug 549465: btf: Support optional notes for each event type
  • Bug 549462: btf: Allow comment lines between event lines
  • Thread names being incorrect when TIDs are re-used.
  • Fix potential NPE in TmfCommonXLineChartTooltipProvider


  • Centralize error handling on UI side
  • Added compression to state systems to improve overall performance
  • Source Lookup supplies a list of call sites instead of a single call site.


  • Log exception instead of just displaying them.
  • Disable XML external entity (XXE) processing.


  • Filters*(#NOT_ATTR and #VALUE_ATTR)
  • SubSecondTimeWithUnitFormat in timing.ui is moved to common
  • start/end time messages in state system explorer

Bugs fixed in the 5.1.0 release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Trace Compass 5.1.0

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