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(Initial Perf CTF Traces)
(Trace Compass Standalone Application)
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* BTF Trace Format Support
* BTF Trace Format Support
Note that all framework features of Trace Compass are available in the RCP, for example:
Please, note that all framework features of Trace Compass are available in the RCP, for example ''Custom Text and XML parser wizards'', ''Data-driven analyses and views'', '' searching, filtering and highlighting'' as well as the ''detailed events list''.
* Custom Text and XML parser wizards
* Data-driven analyses and views
* Searching, filtering and highlighting
* Detailed events list
= Initial Support of Perf CTF Traces =   
= Initial Support of Perf CTF Traces =   

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Trace Compass is a tool for viewing and analyzing both logs and traces. It provides views, graphs, metrics, etc. to help extract useful information from logs or traces, in a way that is user-friendly and informative. This is the initial release for this project after moving the source code from Eclipse Linux Tools project. This release contains all the features of the corresponding plug-ins from the Linux Tools up-to version v3.2. plus a few additions and improvements.

For more information about the features of Trace Compass please refer to the respective User and Developer Guides.

Backwards Compatibility

The source code was moved from the Linux Tools source repository to the Trace Compass source repository. All java packages have been renamed to the directory structure of Trace Compass. Also some API changes have been made after the move to Trace Compass. Developers that have been extending the functionality prior Trace Compass will have to adjust their code base to these changes. Users however, will be able to re-use their workspaces after upgrading to Trace Compass because all the extension point definitions were kept backwards compatible. It will be also possible to upgrade an existing installation to Trace Compass using the release update site of Trace Compass.

Trace Compass Standalone Application

This release provides a standalone application based on the Rich Client Platform (RCP). The standalone application can be downloaded from the Trace Compass project page link. It bundles the following main features:

  • LTTng Kernel Analysis
  • LTTng UST Analysis
  • PCAP Network Analysis
  • BTF Trace Format Support

Please, note that all framework features of Trace Compass are available in the RCP, for example Custom Text and XML parser wizards, Data-driven analyses and views, searching, filtering and highlighting as well as the detailed events list.

Initial Support of Perf CTF Traces

The LTTng Kernel Analyses has been generalized to be able to visualize and analyze traces generated by perf and converted to the Common Trace Format (CTF). The Control Flow View and Resources view can be populated if the trace contains the relevant kernel tracepoint events. Please note that the Perf CTF conversion not mainlined into the Linux Kernel and hence it is still experimental.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Several performance improvements for the CTF parsers have been merged.
  • The notion of event aspects have been added to the Framework. Filtering and highlighting have been adapted for that. For more information about it see the Developer Guide

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