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Trace Compass/Design Documents/Aligned x axis

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The goal is to have a set of views that are aligned on the same (common) X-axis (timeline)

Other products

First we had a quick look at other products that use this approach, including:

  • ARM DS-5
  • Instruments (Apple)
  • Audacity
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Intel VTune
  • YourKit Java Profiler
  • ANTS performance profiler
  • Windows Performance Analyzer
  • NVIDIA Nsight


  • Having the views closer to each other makes it more obvious that they are connected to the same time axis (DS-5, Instruments). In comparison, Windows Performance Analyzer has bigger gaps and it's less obvious.
  • A lot of products place the time axis at the top. This works well in TMF as well (Control Flow view, etc).
  • ANTS has an interesting way of displaying the overall histogram: over the axis. Something to think about if we were to split the partial histogram and the global histogram in two distinct controls. The partial history could then be axis-aligned and not the global one.
  • Most of the other products make an effort to use a well defined palette of colors which results in a more professional look. This could be done as a separate effort of the combined X axis.
  • Some products (WPA, Premiere, Nsight, Vtune, DS-5) put all the views under a single “document” tab. This is something that could be very useful for TMF because there would never be “unrelated” views opened. This would be implemented as an editor in Eclipse.


Proposal 1: Synched-Sash Views


  • Synchronize the vertical sash of all “time enabled” views
  • Pros:
    • Should be relatively simple to implement
    • Could be phase 1 of a bigger change
  • Cons:
    • A lot of space is used by the tabs and toolbars, duplicated axis
    • Because of the views are a bit far apart, it might not be as obvious that they are aligned and it might be harder for the eye to correlate them together

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