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[[Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Now where was I]]
{{:Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Now where was I}}
[[Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Quick access]]
{{:Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Show In System Explorer}}
[[Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Quick access as a popup]]
{{:Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Json Tip}}
[[Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Ctrl+E editor list]]
{{:Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Quick Access}}
[[Tip of the Day/Eclipse Tips/Show In System Explorer]]

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Now, where was I?

Workbench editors keep a navigation history. If you open a second editor while you're editing, you can press Navigate > Backward (Alt+Left Arrow, or the Left arrow icon back Back.gif on the workbench toolbar) to go back to the last editor. This makes working with several open editors a whole lot easier.

Tips wherewasi.png

Show in System Explorer

If you select a resource and right click, there is a Show In > System Explorer context menu entry that will open the folder containing that resource in your system's file explorer.


JSon Tips

You can store tips in a Json file that can be fetched from the internet dynamically.

Tips json tip.png You can quickly find all manner of user interface elements with the Quick Access search bar at the top of the workbench window. Click in the field or use the Ctrl+3 binding to switch focus to it. Matching elements include (but are not limited to) open editors, available perspectives, views, preferences, wizards, and commands. Simply start typing the name of the item you wish to invoke and we will attempt to find something in the Workbench that matches the provided string.


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